Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Form 6 Life

One week ad I study at SMK Tinggi Melaka(MHS) but till now i can't adapt the environment in tis skul.. haix~~i feel very stress to study form 6 leh.. i take d pakej is got perakaunan den some teachers n seniors advise me dun take tis subject..because tis subject is very tough ..my frenz oso say like tat..dey say taking tis subject will put down ur CGPA if u not study hard...'perakaunan is super super hard to study' my frenz said...so now i super super 'fan' ah...dono wan to change pakej mah...
Did u noe whr i study?at makmal matematik...i till remember when i walk in the makmal...my 1st feeling is so geli~~2nd feeling is inside d makmal got a smell ..d surface of tables n chairs got dust..yez~~tis makmal so long din upkeep already....d teacher told us tis makmal got half an the year din use already...so we need to clean up d makmal...we very 'ke lian' leh..other ppl can study in a snug environment but we need study in tis makmal for half an the year...(T_T)....

Monday, May 18, 2009

~First Time~

this is i 1st time writting blog..actualy i'm nt interested to write 1..coz my some my frenz got write ma so i jz follow nia lol..haha..